Wexford Sand Direct - MSK Silversands Ltd.

Wexford Sand is our world. “To see a world in a grain of sand...” William Blake

Providing quality Wexford sand to the public and industry for many years, we pride ourselves on our quality, price, delivery and building strong relationships with our customers...YOU!
Wexford Sand Direct prides itself on its commitment to providing superior quality Wexford sand, products and service, our mission is to be the industry leader in quality and service.

We constantly strive to:

•    Exceed our customers’ expectations.
•    Continuously improve.
•    Increase overall customer satisfaction.

Our standard for excellence is maintained throughout our mining and processing facilities located in Wexford.
The effective quality systems in place ensure our ability to meet customer requirements.   But, we do not stand still.  By listening carefully to our customers and surveying the market place, we are able to constantly improve our process and products providing better quality, increased cost savings and most importantly - customer satisfaction!

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